Instagram Audio Downloader

Instagram, with over 1 billion monthly users, is a top social platform offering diverse content, including captivating videos. If you find an interesting audio track on Instagram, you might want to save later use. offers a fast, free easy and secure Instagram audio downloader allows you to retrieve audio from any Instagram video, reels and convert it into high quality MP3 music files up to(320kbps) for offline listening or sharing.

If you wish to convert and download audio from Instagram reels or videos. But worrying about the technical expertise on how to download it. You don’t need a technical knowledge to convert Instagram Reels or Video to MP3 audio files. You just only need a link of the video that you want to download audio and rest will be done from our side. Your audio will be downloaded in a few simple easy steps.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Select the reel or video and tap the share button.

2. Tap the “Copy link” icon to copy the link to your clipboard.

3. Open “” and paste the link into the input bar.

4. Hit “Download” and wait for a moment.

5. You'll see the thumbnail of the reel or video with a “Download Audio” option. Click it to enjoy the audio.

If you are in a search of a full audio track download in MP3, which is trending on Instagram, whether it is a short podcast or a music tune you loved. You can easily download the full audio from Instagram in a couple of seconds.

Steps to Download Instagram Audio in MP3

1. Select the audio you wish to download.

2. Click the audio bottom of the Reel or Video.

3. Click this (⋮) and copy the audio link.

4. Visit “” on your browser.

5. Paste the copied link into the input bar and click “Download”.

6. SSstory will process the link and you will show up with “Download Audio” button, preview the audio and download it in MP3. Happy tuning!

Our Instagram audio downloader is compatible with all devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, or PC. Our MP3 file works well with all media playbacks. Listen high quality audio without any difficulty.

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